The Arms (My Future is now)

 Emotional Balance 

The energy of our arms represents our wish to relate and embrace, as well as our need to hold off or confront the other. If we are afraid of confronting essential issues with our partner or family members, with our colleagues or friends, the heart keeps back its spontaneous expression and feelings of love and acceptance get blocked as well.

 Holding back our love manifests as melancholy in our psyche and deep down the anger of emotional frustration. We lose our grounding with the Earth. When there is an electrical charge in the arms, we experience the future as something which we fear, like an unpleasant threat to our existence. Our mind keeps wandering off into the future, projecting issues from the past which are not resolved. We lose our balance, can't find relaxation in what we do right now.

 In this amazing process of balancing our heart and our arms through the magnetic power of the pulse beat, we can slowly melt the electrical tensions in our arms (our phobias), which we seem to hold on to. The heart takes over again and the arms feel like embracing whatsoever comes our way, even confrontations.



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