The Tiger

In the Astro-Constellation II we are working with the Planets and the Right Eye

This is the most exciting and enjoyable experience for people who are interested in astrology and self-transfomation. In an amazing journey of discovery through the planets, the parallels between astronomy, astrology and mythology are brought alive.

Astrological-Eyereading is a revolutionary new way of combining the astrological birth chart with the rich structure of our iris. Each participant receives an in-depth eye reading linked to their individual chart.

Constellation of the Birth Chart gives you the opportunity to walk in to your own birth chart and meet your inner archetypes face to face. You even get the chance to interact with them. The Bodywork is designed to ground and integrate the intense experience of the constellation.

In case you are interested, please send your date, time and place of birth:


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The Tiger and the Dragon

Psychology of the Buddhas

The body is a vast phenomenon, a universe.
The same is true about the mind: the mind is a universe.
The first type of psychology is trying to fit a part of the Mind that has gone astray back into the whole.The second type of Psychology is just about to develop.
It is a wholistic approach: not thinking in terms of disease, but thinking in terms of health.
Concentrating on a healthy humanity instead of waiting for an illness to arise.Only based on this second type the third type of Psychology is possible. Buddhas have existed, millions of them, but no Psychology of the Buddhas. Because nobody ever tried to research the awakened Mind, especially to create a scientific discipline out of it. Buddhas have existed, but nobody tried to understand the phenomenon of Buddhahood in a scientific way.

Osho: Yoga, the Alpha and the Omega, Vol.4 No.8
Not hating others disconnects the past.
Loving yourself disconnects you from the future.
No need to seek love.
It is within you.
No one to hate,
because all are one.
One to love in order to love all.
Hatred ends, when we realize that about ourselves.
Love begins, when we realize that within ourselves


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