The Cerebellum (Of Dreams and Nightmares)

The cerebellum opens the door to our darkest corners and the nightmares we have suffered. It operates like a film camera recording the experiences we are making in pictures or whole movie sequences. Thus it functions analogically different from the Brain which operates analytically. When we are in a certain situation, it immediately comes up with a similar situation we had to face before. If the upcoming pictures are carrying a positive message, we will react completely different than if the experience we made earlier is charged with negativity. We also may come up with the wrong files in which case we generally react with hysteria. Also the sound track may not match the visual pictures we are receiving from the cerebellum. This can drive us completely crazy.

In the New Mind process we are matching the audio files of our recordings with the visual ones and we also balance the two hemispheres of the Cerebellum itself. All this will bring the shadowsides of this precious organ to the light and make space for us to access the natural potential of our I.Q., the wisdom we carry inside the cerebellum like a treasure waiting.



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