The Ovaries and Testies (What's love got to do with it)

In our intimate relationships we can always watch a similar pattern of energy movement. At the beginning we are flying with the honeymoon, we experience a lot of erotic attraction and sexual energy. After some time living together the flame of passion is cooling down. The longer we are together, the easier our feelings are hurt by one another, even by little things. Soon we are convinced that the other cannot really understand us. Our vitality decreases, while the hunger for love and trust is getting bigger and bigger.

Love passes through the stomach. This is not only a metaphorical statement, but a physical reality. The Vagus Nerve is responsible for the sympathetic nervous system, connected to the stomach and food behaviour such as compulsive eating or not gaining any weight while eating a lot. It also provides our erogenous zones with their special sensitivity. Thus the intense urge to eat, when our sexual energy is not flowing freely or not expressed at the moment.

In this transformative process we connect the Vagus nerve through gentle touch with the bio-electrical energy circuits of the testes and ovaries. A healing balancing occurs and brings a new feeling of vitality and romance to our lives.

Specific issues for this group:

Compulsive eating,
Anorexia, Bulimia
Food allergies
Lack of friendship in the relation
Chronic weight loss
Organic problems in having a baby
Ovarian cysts
Period pains
Psychological impotence (loss, separation, broken heart)
Lack of vitality
Lack of erotic impulse or too much erotic impulse
Mistrust towards the partner

This process is helpful for many different problems around die ovaries and testies. For women who had an abortion or a miscarriage, this group can transform the deep sadness that is still present in the nervous system over the loss of the child. We can also learn to dissolve ovarian cysts and help with other sensitivities around the ovaries and the womb. The good news is transformation of menstrual pains or untimely periods, also a big help for the menopause. Last not least problems with our libido. Fear of infection, of becoming pregnant, of men, or violence, shyness, shame and other psychological obstacles to a juicy sex-life. Also the possibility to have a baby, if there is a physical problem with becoming pregnant and transformation of hormonal imbalances.

Men suffer from different issues, but also hormonal imbalance, impotence and fear around the sexuality. Fear of women, of going into their masculine energy or into their receptive side.



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