The Testes / Ovaries (Lioness or Loneliness)

The Testes and Ovaries are the source of our vitality, our life force energy.

Emotion is a device for our reproductive organs to guarantee the continuation of the species.

 So when we fall in love, it has little to do with our heart - a lot however, to do with the Testes/Ovaries. The original illusion of our emotions is “The Other”. As babies we depend on the mother, our “Other” as a matter of survival. Later this dependency is formed with a sexual partner, who triggers in us the same kind of intimacy. A love affair is not a matter of survival, but our instinct gives us exactly this message. That is why so many relations end up in a disaster or disillusionment: we feel left and lost and lonely. Both partners are projecting their needs on the “Other”, but those needs can never be fulfilled from the outside.

 Tibetan Pulsing helps us to see the illusion and to dissolve the charge we have built up in our nervous system as a result of self-importance, failed relations, sex without fun and even the physical breakdown of our genitals.



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