The Lungs (Joyfulness)

The lungs have not only the job of breathing, but serve also as amplifiers for our voice. The different organs of the body contribute to the color of our voice, but the lungs regulate its loudness. Besides the in- and outgoing breath, they have the task to amplify the im-pressions which we receive into ex-pressions: “Oh yeah!”, “All right!”

If we feel de-pressed, o-pressed or re-pressed, the expression of joyfulness and exhilaration in our life is limited. Since our emotional moods are directly connected to our breathing, we stop to breathe in deeply, our breath becomes fiat and fast or we even forget to breathe out consciously. These tensions accumulate around the bone structure of the ribcage and produce a sensation of pressure, or being pressed upon.

With the magnetic energy of the pulse beat we can liberate the ribcage of its tensions and thus empower the thymusgland, which is the immune system of our emotions, also called the 4th chakra. This is important in order to protect us in these times of heavy pollution and pressure in our daily life from bronchial weakness and viruses. The New Mind work can transform our de-, re- and oppressions into a joyful lightness of being. If you would like to stop smoking, it might just happen by itself.



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