The Legs (Our Perception of the Past)

Problems in the legs are things that we don’t leave behind even if we leave the electrical circuits of our Legs are containing our past: Things which we walked away from, things which we left behind, things which we don’t like to look back at and things we cannot run away from.

If we are trying to escape from our problems, they come along in our suitcase. Arriving at the new place, they are with us the moment we are opening our luggage.

In those seven Steps of the New Mind we will experience the Past in a very orderly fashion.

Each Step corresponds to a seven year cycle in our life. The first step will bring to the light problems from the first seven years of our life, the second step from the time between 7 and 13, the third step about our teenage time and so on.

Our mind works in a comparative way, that is: always looking at past experiences when confronted with a new situation. If we have mainly negatively charged experiences forming our past, our actions will be strongly influenced by previous failures and faults. We will actually consider ourselves as a failure or a mistake, as an accumulation of everything we did wrong. With this kind of self-perception we get the impulse to deny ourselves, to run away from ourselves or from a situation we are confronted with. We feel that we don’t have the capacity to deal with certain situations. We feel easily overpowered by reality. Our perception of the future is becoming quite dark as a consequence.

Connecting the electrical charge in our nervous system with a positive magnetic wave created by our heartbeats, the negative experiences can be erased from our nervous system and remain purely as memories of what happened, without the dramatic soundtrack of fear, suffering and anger.



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