The Stomach (In Sympathy with Me)

Holiness doesn’t mean sainthood. Holiness very simply means to be whole.

Within yourself, without the need to take from someone else. Interested only in sharing - receptive and caring.

 Wholeness is maintained within us by the work of the stomach. The sensation is that of sympathy. The psychological form is that of the friend. The heart doesn’t guess, it touches.

 On the physical level the stomach gives both the need and the response to the need. When the body has the need for substances, the alarm originates within the stomach. The outbreak of the alarm produces the form of what we call need. The stomach gives us the sense of need in order to sustain ourselves, in order to obtain for ourselves the substances essential to our being. The stomach working through the heart, is a lazy little instinct. It wants to touch and have the time to feel the pulse in the touch. The stomach going through the mind is trying to find a little attention. It doesn’t have much to say, except  “I need you to see me. I like for you to look. O.K.?” So in the mind, the stomach seeks out attention.

 “Whenever your desire is fulfilled, it is only for the moment that you feel joy. It is fleeting, because once you have got it, again the mind starts desiring for more, for something else. Mind exists in desiring;

hence mind can never leave you without desire. If you are without desire,mind dies immediately.

That’s the whole secret of meditation.”

 Osho:  The Dhammapada: The Way  of the Buddha, Vol 8



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