The Throat (Being Authentic)

Vibrating our voice we can produce bio-electrical energy. This energy is created in our throat and expressed through the vocal cords. Tensions in our throat derive from an identification with the father figure. The Father, the father figure is representing our authenticity. What he does or appreciates, gives us a sense of what is real, a sense of recognition. In the family he stands for our primary source, our orientation, our authority figure. Thus everything which is authentic, is associated in our nervous system with his figure, all the negative experience however is blocking this channel in ourselves. If we don’t find our own authentic voice in our life, our father is always held responsible through the association.

 With this process we have the possibility to dissolve negative electrical charge in the throat and to release the associated tensions which are blocking the throat chakra. That is on the one hand the inability to forgive ourselves for things that happened to us in the past, the anger and helplessness which suffocates us. On the other hand the feeling, of not being good enough or able to face the requirements of our life or other people around us. Both aspects give us a deep feeling of self doubt and a lack of self-expression. When we are authentic, we can experience our source, our origin and become creative without the restrictions of our inner doubts and the obligations to follow unnecessary schemes and rules from outside.



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