The Colon (Keep in Rhythm)

The Colon has the job of aligning eighteen organs in order to fulfil its function. In harmony with the Small intestine and the Gallbladder, it is performing a lot of pushing and pulling in order to keep all the surrounding organs in rhythm.

 Thus the influence of the Colon on our relations is very significant. The way we cooperate with others, if we tend to manipulate, reject or simply get along with other people, is directly connected with the internal function of the Peristalsis. Sometimes we need the ability to protect ourselves rather than absorbing energies from the outside.

 The colon has the natural power to move things along, to bring things in alignment. It is a receptive power, the force to pull. It is in the rhythm of the music, in the pulsebeat of our hearts. It is in the seduction of the Beloved and in the mechanics of a machine. It is what makes our living together work. It is what makes it possible for our organs to be working so well and in harmony, although each one has a different job to perform. It assimilates our food and nourishes our relations. It starts with the sucking on mama's breast and ends with the last breath.

 Nowadays we need a strong immune system to deal with the pollution and electro-stress in our daily life. A healthy colon is most important to keep us strong in defense and happy in our relations.



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