The Juice of Life

The second level of Consciousness: conformity issues

-Second subtle Body (Heart): From Neurosis to Self-love
-Second Chakra (Pons): From Crisis to Centeredness
-Second Frequency (Liver): From Depression to Stability

Humanity in its development discovered something that would help to insure us from the continuous tension of survival. We developed what is called conformity, or you could call it culture, society. We learn to conform in order to assure our survival. We learn to conform to the wishes of others, so we can have their protection and don’t need to worry all the time about losing everything. The smallest unit and the basis of conformity training is the family.

The second subtle Body or Etheric Body is ruled by the vertebra of the Heart, second from the bottom. The Etheric Body is experienced very close to the physical one and connected to the Heart through our blood- distribution system, the veins and arteries. The Heart´s magnetic energy is constantly providing us with the positive experience of love through the pulse beat. The different painful experiences for the heart in our childhood especially through loss or punishment inside the family structure polarize this natural function and make us feel bad about ourselves. We try to compensate by being “good” for others. Conforming to mother´s wishes, to father´s expectations and to the commandments of religious instructions, of God himself, in order to avoid punishment. We end up as beggars for love, forgetting that we carry the very treasure inside of us.

The second Chakra (the Hara center) is ruled by the vertebra of the Pons. The vertebra ten from the bottom is like an access station to our strength in motion and emotion. Through meditative life style we are able to experience centeredness and grace as the positive aspects of the Pons. It is a delicate balance since the Pons contains all our memories of crises and abuse. At the same time it regulates our hormones plus the experience of orgasm occurs here, bridging the polarized energies of the brain. When we are exposed to the negative aspects, we experience anger and are easily cut off from our Hara movement center, our juice and expansion in life. It will be hard for us to conform, especially to male authority figures like our father, our boss, our husband.

The vertebra number seven from the top belongs to the second Frequency, the Liver. The Liver provides us with a foundation of security in life through our mother. Her teaching us conformity in the social realm will make us feel safe and stable. If we don’t conform to mother´s rules and principles, we experience guilt. We will have trouble with female authority figures and problems to change anything in our life. A lack of mother´s guidance or her absence in childhood can cause depression and suicidal tendencies.

By working on the second level of consciousness with the healing power of the pulse beat and tuning each vertebra with the sound of our voices, we can balance the three aspects in our nervous system and experience a transformation of those conformity issues. For the second subtle Body of the Heart comes a sense of stability in our feelings. This happens when we learn to rediscover the center of love in ourselves through the pulse beat, instead of waiting for other people or God to give us love from the outside. Thus we start to conform to our own SELF and to accept ourselves as we are. This makes it possible to truly radiate love. For the second Chakra with its connection to the Pons, it can bring us centeredness in our Hara and a strong immune system. On the relational level, it can transform personal weakness, sexual shame and abuse issues into bliss. For the second frequency, it can give us the juicy freshness of conforming to our own inner music. Through this, we can overcome the depressive habits of the Liver (overconsumption of alcohol, chocolate, ice-cream or oily foods). Feeling safe in a relationship means feeling protected and better chances of staying together for a longer time.



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