The Yellow Wave (Sensitivity)

When we are able to forgive others for the hurt that we have suffered at their hands, the sympathetic nervous system is transformed into the fourth dimension and our relations are perceived as gestures of friendliness. 

When we are able to forgive ourselves for the insensitive shocks that we have caused others, the parasympathetic nervous system relaxes into self-love transforming us into the friend we have always sought in others.

Forgiveness is the seed that blossoms into sensitivity.

"Whenever your desire is fulfilled, it is only for the moment that you feel joy. It is fleeting, because once you have got it, again the mind starts desiring for more, for something else. Mind exists in desiring; hence mind can never leave you without desire. If you are without desire, mind dies immediately. That's the whole secret of meditation."
Osho: The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol.8



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