The Hara (Show me yours, I'll show you mine)

The HARA is our immune system.

It protects our health on the physical level and our innocence on the level of the being.

The HARA in the woman

As women we are often limited to experience our strength only when we get angry. If we feel weak and helpless confronted with male authority, the only way to discharge our repressed emotions is by getting pissed off.

There is a reason for this unnatural reaction. The statistics say, that seventy percent of women have suffered from some form of preadolescent sexual experience. The problem is that we don’t remember anything, because the shock of the experience has completely blocked it form our memory. In the nervous system however, the information is recorded and always present.

Scientific research also says, that two out of three women have difficulty in experiencing an orgasmic relaxation with a partner.

The HARA in the man

For the man the same damage to the nervous system occurs in childhood not only through sexual abuse but primarily through violent encounters with elder brothers or male adults. Result is, that he is suffering from premature ejaculation, impotence or the need of violent aggression towards the woman in order to achieve the orgasm.

This process is offering a key to bring those painful memories from the past into the light of our consciousness. Melting them with the cool fire of the pulse beat,

they become the fuel for transforming your anger into spontaneity and strength.



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