The Pancreas (Self - Healing)

This organ, which inside the body is highly qualified for our enzyme and sugar assimilation functions in the outside world, takes care of routine and order, knowing always the right method and how to do things, how to repair something. No handyman or artist could do with- out him. At times he exaggerates a little when he goes into fanaticism and even martyrdom concerning things or people.

When he is in good shape, he can not only deal with poisonous substances in our body, but is able to heal others. He is our inner doctor, therapist and healer.

Is he then only our best friend and sweetheart, whom we like to get to know more intimately because of his gentleness and creativity? Unfortunately not. He can be quite self-important, imposing himself with his desires and cravings until we go into delirium. In a short while we slide from our creativity into self-destructiveness and if we don't take care with our alcohol and sugar consumption, we might go straight to hell. In the tarot deck the pancreas represents the Devil, who leads us into extremes and chains us to our desires and pleasure addictions. However, the Devil is just a short form for devel-opment, which we all have to undergo before we can enter into meditation and transformation.

Our work-intense lifestyle leaves little space for the main needs of our pancreas: pleasure, fun and chilling out, the sweet things in life. With the Pancreas sessions we can recreate this space from the inside, and bring order and relaxation into our chaotic lifestyle. The self-healing power of our body gets activated and we can even balance out diabetes if we keep to the right diet.

It’s profoundly obvious that somewhere within us is a diamond-like state of perfection. Out of that, out of the unfolding of that perfection comes the story of our life. Unfolding from that perfection is our truth. We speak of it as one thing. The truth of the matter is that it is millions of things all occurring simultaneously in the cells of our body.



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