The Gallbladder (Free as a bird)

The Gallbladder is a small but very insistent member of our digestive system. Without bile the digestion becomes difficult. We feel exactly where the Gallbladder is in the body when the food we had was too oily, when we suffer from gallstones or an inflammation because of the sharp pain. The qualities of the Gallbladder in the positive are freedom and independence, enjoying the liberty of life. When she goes into resistance, we will find the mirror in our surrounding and not much in our life seems to be flowing easily. She is a cyclic organ and tends to go high and low just like the sun is rising and setting in the evening. So sunrise and dawn are high times of activity for the Gallbladder frequency, especially for little children when we try to put them to bed or sleep a little longer in the morning.

The negative experiences include the cyclic manic depression, dependencies, addictions and jealousies. Very tough qualities and hard to overcome if we can't relax the electrical influence of the gallbladder on our psyche. 

The New Mind gives us this opportunity by overcoming the resistance of the Gallbladder through the pulse beat. We manage to relax and let go of our addictive tendencies. If you want to fly come and try!

 „The purest form of insanity is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope something will change.” - Albert Einstein



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