The Brain (Beautiful Mind)

Neutralizing negative Charge

With the work of the Light Brain we find a way to bring light into this complex mechanism, which so easily reacts with fear, drives us crazy, freezes our feelings and steals our sleep.

 Our Brain, similar to a computer, works with two options or polarities, operating on electro-static charge. Between yes or no there is no middle way. We are either for or against something. Thus the Brain loves to take a position and defend it. It also physically puts the body in a certain position by activating our muscles. The nature of the Brain is not to feel; there are no sensorial nerves inside the brain tissue.

 Thus the Brain is an unpleasant boss, if we are under its command. We need to bring in our awareness and the heart’s compassion, in order to use the marvellous capacities of the Brain for our own advantage. The Brain is constantly on a mission, and of course we are always right. This attitude requires a certain charge in our nervous system. We convince the other that we are right, showing them our side, and get angry if they don’t agree with us.

 Emotionally the brain cannot say “no”. It stands for the “yes” person, who just follows orders and cries like a baby if you say “no” to him.It is the magnetic power of the pulse beat which can melt the defensive armour around our Heart, held in place by our Brain’s static charge.

 We start to see reality with different eyes, interpret our perception from the instincts directly, without the negative interference of the Brain’s subjective comment. Working on the Brain, we can take our karma into our own hands.



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