The Swing of Life

The fourth level of Consciousness: Integration

- Fourth Frequency (Duodenum): From Resentment to Respectfulness
- Fourth Chakra (Lungs): From Suppression to Joy
- Fourth subtle Body (Testes/Ovaries): From Corruption to Brilliance

The frequency of the Duodenum vibrates in the 4th step of our development. It first crystallizes in the time between 21 and 28 years old. In this period we are integrating into the society by starting a job and contributing to society materially with our work-force and financially by paying taxes. That way traditionally we earn our respect. If we fail to integrate, we get to feel the hostility from the environment and the anxiety and money-worries which a negatively charged Duodenum is causing. Emotionally we integrate by marrying and having children. Also here we can earn resentment or collide with the conservative energies, if we go on a different journey in our choice of life.

The key-point for the 4th frequency is to find respect for ourselves in what we do and for how we contribute to the society.

The heart chakra opens the door to our inner world, moving from extroversion to introversion, looking inside. The vertebra ruling the heart chakra is the lungs-vertebra. With the focus on the in- and outgoing breath the heart chakra gets activated and we start to experience joyfulness. Joy not for any form of achievement or gain but joyfulness for the shere being here. The Lungs have the job to express our feelings and to amplify the sounds which we make. When the heart chakra opens we feel a strong urge to express our love, to sing, to laugh, to share. When the heart chakra is closed up because we feel sad or betrayed, there is a strong pressure from inside on our lungs. It easily happens if we do not or cannot accept certain painful events in our lives. The simple magic of the heart is acceptance. With accepting a dreadful situation, the heart will open again and the lungs will release the long-held pressure of melancholy which has surrounded our ribcage like a belt.

The testes and ovaries give us physical and mental vitality. Thus with the energy of the 4th subtle Body we can regenerate and rejuvenate ourselves. Aside from their job of reproduction, the testes and ovaries are transforming body-electricity into light. So when we have access to the power of our 4th Body, we can continuously generate light from here. At this level our energy doesnt serve mainly the personal ego like in the first 3 levels, but the benefit of all sentient beings. The 4th or mental Body has to do with intellect, dreaming and imagination. So our flow of thoughts is happening inside the 4th body. We can also call it the psychic body or the psyche. The light generated by the testes/ovaries can illuminate our psyche and give us access to some special gifts like clairvoyance or telepathy. But since this level of perception is entirely subjective, we can also deceive ourselves and just imagine that our Kundalini is moving upwards or dream instead of meditate.



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