The Arms (Our Perception of the Future)

Our fear of the future is directly connected to tensions in our arms.

Objects which appear in front of us, we handle with our hands and arms. Things, which we expect to occur in front of us, we contemplate through that part of our nervous system, which regulates the motion of the arms and hands. If those same nerves are congested with blocked electrical charges from past shocks or injuries, we experience Phobia. This is the fear of an object or situation, which we may not be able to handle without re-experiencing the shock that is stored in our arms.

Emotionally the arms are connected to the fear of relating and the fear of being loved or the fear of being attacked by someone we love.

Phobias and our fear of the future are bio-electrical problems primarily, and are easily dissolving through the techniques of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga.



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