The Techniques of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga

The job of Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is to dissolve the shocks which manifest as blockages to the electrical flow in our nervous system through meditation and relaxation.This is a specific form of bodywork, applying pressure to different points, that are in direct contact with the nervous system. The gentle but continuous pressure and the connection between those points transport the magnetic pulse beat of the heart to the affected areas and they start pulsating. The pulse beat has the natural tendency to fall in synchronicity with the pulse of other hearts. The electrical harmony that results from the active pulsing on different points allows the melting of the blockage and an inner healing can occur.


Individual Session

The individual session offers the opportunity to work directly on a specific problem we have on the mental, emotional or physical level.

With the help of the eyereading we can determine the source of the trouble or trauma we are suffering from. The session is like a journey through our internal world to exactly the point of origin of the problem. On this journey we go through different energy levels: we are passing the fears, leave the emotional attachments behind and reach to the deeper realms of consciousness, where the difficulty originates. On the level of the nervous system an alignment occurs which brings the cells back into their natural harmony and reajusts our physical body back to its original well being. Thus rejuvenation takes place and sometimes, coming out of the session, we are surprised how relaxed and at ease we feel. As if we have left something behind.



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