The Hara (Strength and Immunity)

The Hara is another name for our immune system. It gives us divine power and playfulness, our direct instinctive reaction. Actually, 90% of the nerve impulses reach the head from the Hara, only 10% of the information originates in the Brain and goes to our belly. So most of our decision making, our moods and tempers come from our actual centre of movement, the Hara. Negative charges in the Hara are experienced as anger. The  energy held back here is not available for our mobility. When we don’t use the Hara, when we suppress our spontaneous energy, our immune power suffers.

 The energy of the Hara is associated in childhood with the father, later with male authority figures. A negative electrical charge in the Hara often originates in a difficult relation to the father. In the woman it comes up as a hatred of the male, in the man as a hatred towards authorities and in the  form of uncontrollable anger. The resulting health problem is called Candida overgrowth.

 It is difficult to reach the Hara with a psychological approach. Pulsing, however, is a direct way of melting the anger and feeling divine again.



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