The Tongue (The Fruit of Truth)

It’s profoundly obvious that somewhere within us is a diamond-like state of perfection. Out of that, out of the unfolding of that perfection comes the story of our life. Unfolding from that perfection is our truth. We speak of it as one thing. The truth of the matter is that it is millions of things all occurring simultaneously in the cells of our body. The chromosomal pattern of the body’s form is present in every cell. The whole story in millions of individual copies.

 And it operates, it replicates itself so perfectly that our body remains pretty much the same. And if we’re hurt, if we’re cut, if a chunk comes out of us somewhere, immediately the chromosomal wisdom within us reforms the wound into something very near its original condition. Every cell contains that ability. That is our perfection. To find that essence we need to relax, to take our consciousness deep in to the very core of our life to find the truth, that is always there.

 “Mind exists in desiring: hence mind can never leave you without desire.

If you are without desire, mind dies immediately.

That’s the whole secret of meditation.”

 Osho:  The Dhammapada: The Way  of the Buddha, Vol 8



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