The Pons (At Peace with the Past)

Meditation and Orgasm

Did you ever wonder why we never forget blissful experiences? Why does our memory always wander back to those moments in our lives of innocence and pleasure?

The Pons is part of  the brain stem, containing all our memories. Together with the Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Pituitary- and Pineal gland the Pons circuit is building a very important complex in our bio-electrical system, which is directing mostly the hormonal functions in our body like a control centre. In meditation we know the Pons circuit as ruler of the different Chakras and our centredness.

Positive electrical experiences like the sexual orgasm make a strong imprint on the delicate Pons which is building a bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain. In the moment of orgasm the polarization between the two halves of the Brain is fused and we experience bliss. We always remember that. In the same way a shocking experience creates an electrical overcharge that excludes the whole event from our conscious memory.
Tibetan Pulsing Yoga is working with the subtle power of the pulse beat. With this very feminine approach we can enter our nervous system on the bio-electrical level and neutralize  shocks to our memory system, dissolving them into a blissful and relaxing tantric experience.

Even violent aggressions and sexual abuse can be gently brought to the surface and slowly discharged from our system.



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