The Power of Life

The third level of Consciousness: Issues around self-importance

-Third Frequency (Pancreas): From Destructiveness to Creativity
-Third Chakra (Colon): From Obsession to Individuality
-Third subtle Body (Hara): From Repression to Strength

The Pancreas vertebra (C6) rules the third frequency, called Self-importance. It first develops during the time of puberty, when our sexual energy begins to rise. Our previous innocence starts to shape into a specific personality, into a sense of “I” designed to attract the other sex and to make us look like “somebody”. At the same time the ego is forming our intellect, making us feel important about the things we know, the things we have learnt. The uprising sexual energy turns into rebellion, destructiveness or licentiousness if suppressed from the outside. If we deny ourselves pleasure, we become identified with our mind primarily and experience self-destructiveness instead of creativity. In both cases we are very susceptible to drugs or alcohol especially during our teenage development.

The third Chakra, also called the Solarplexus, is where our positive and negative emotions meet. If our energy moves harmoniously here, we feel one with ourselves. We are in our own power and we can cooperate with others. If there is an electrical overcharge caused by a strong identification with “I” or internal emotional conflicts, we get obsessed with telling others what to do or we fail to get along with other people entirely. We compensate the negativity by overeating or eating foods which are not well digested. The ruler of this Chakra in the spine is the Colon vertebra (T7). The Colon keeps our internal organs in rhythm with its perestalsis and thus provides us with the power for unification and alignment.

The third subtle Body or Astral Body is ruled by the vertebra of the Hara, third from the bottom (L3). The Hara is our immune system, protecting us from diseases and giving us our instinctual power. When weakened by environmental poisonning or blocked by our own anger, we easily suffer from allergies and food-intolerance. The third or astral body is a body of emotional vibrations. We can perceive it for example as an aura around the body.

By working on the third level of consciousness with the magnetic power of the pulse beat and the tuning of each vertebra with the sound of our voices, we can balance these three aspects in our nervous system and experience a transformation of our various attachments to self-importance.

This is particularly good for our health, because the roots or reasons for all diseases, causing a “breakdown” in the 6th level of consciousness, come from our identifications within the 3rd level.

In this weekend, we will discover the sensitivity to detect the subtle movements of energy before too much attachment to pleasure becomes chronical pain. We will realize that being the only important person made us feel alone and isolated. Aligning Pancreas and Colon with our Hara energy, we can feel strong and powerful without using drugs or overeating, without suppressing our individuality.



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