Kalpa & Chitta

Kalpa R. Büchner was born in Frankfurt, Germany. After her studies in the creative arts she went to India and discovered her love for meditation there. In India she met Dheeraj. Together they developed the different Waves of the New Mind and the Temple.

Kalpa has been leading seminars and trainings in Tibetan Pulsing for 20 years. After Dheeraj left the body, she continued the work in Italy and created the feminine form of the New Mind, the Light Waves. Here she introduces elements from art, music and theatre to deepen the understanding of how perception works inside of our nervous system. She emphasizes providing a protective and loving environment with the space for holistic experiencing and inner transformation.

Chitta M. Munz was born in the South of Germany. After a professional education in the technical field he was trained in humanistic psychology. Then one of his  journeys around the world brought him to India. Silent retreats of several weeks gave him a deep insight into meditation.

 Later he came to know Tibetan Pulsing Yoga in India. His joy in dealing with people motivated him to share Tibetan Pulsing as a teacher. He introduces his 15 years of experience in a unique and intuitive way as Co-leader.


Together Kalpa and Chitta developed the Astro-Constellation, a combination of Tibetan Pulsing and Astrology. The Tiger and Dragon processes were born. In 2005 they founded the Tibetan Pulsing Centre and the Padmasambhava Association in the Black Forest, a meeting point for inner transformation, where they live and work together.

At this creative and healing location the seminars and courses in Tibetan Pulsing Yoga are held. The Tibetan Pulsing Centre is a place for coming in contact with yourself and attracts people from all over the world.



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