The Duodenum (Self - Respect)

The Duodenum is a central point for digestion among the green organs in our body, located just at the exit of our stomach. Here the enzymes of the pancreas and the bile arrive to help the process of breaking down the food before it moves into the Small Intestine.

Psychologically it is burdening us with worries and fear of cruelty, in the positive it represents our channel for respect and our aspirations towards spirituality, our tranquility. In the material world the duodenal qualities are manifested in the form of money. Money is a way for paying respect, avoiding cruelty among people and allowing a tranquil lifestyle if we have enough. But on the other hand a lot of cruelty can be exerted through money. There is the cruelty of debts, of taxes, of unpaid bills or loans and the lack of cash and credit we encounter in times of worry. Right now our financial crisis operates not only on the personal but also on the European, collective and global level.  Nevertheless we tend to increase the worrying mind by drinking too much coffee and thus keeping the Duodenum in continuous tension. Another drug for the Duodenum is Marijuana, that’s how we feel more cool … …

 This week-end we are going to work on our internal bank account, where we can make significant points for our level of self-respect and tranquility. When we allow our worries to go, the money comes in more easily. Don’t worry if you had some Marijuana in the past. By clearing the Duodenum you will experience a natural high just from the drug going out of your nervous system.

 It’s profoundly obvious that somewhere within us is a diamond-like state of perfection.



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