The Brain (Precious Toy)

Intelligence is like a bird. It flies above the earth on its synchronized wings.

What is to the left and what is to the right, merge in the middle. In the middle is the idea. The idea is extending outward as far as is possible from one pole to the other pole. By synchronizing the two hemispheres of the Brain it is possible for the idea to become intelligence, to rise above the earth and fly.

 With the left hemisphere of the brain we are able to communicate through words, our expression. In the right hemisphere of the brain we store our impressions: smells, taste, form, quality of sound, harmonics, etc.

 The experience of pain creates an imbalance between the two hemispheres, between impression and expression. Because of the fear to hurt ourselves again, we don’t say or do certain things any more. Our freedom of movement becomes restricted, in extreme cases we are reduced to the mobility of a robot which is just following the orders of its boss: the crippled brain.

 The New Mind process is reconnecting the impression of shock in the brain with the throat, where the original expression of the pain occurred. Balancing these two effects we can eliminate the electrical charge that was held in both brain and throat and thus free ourselves from those limitations to our consciousness. The result is a kind of emptiness or space which we can use creatively and meditatively: the New Mind.



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