The Small Intestine (Allowing Closeness)

The Small Intestine is the physical connection to our mother, the invisible umbilical cord which keeps us connected to her whatever age we have reached. In childhood our need for motherly love was maybe answered by a possessive smothering or no affection at all.

 Depending on our personal experience our need for affection gets  repressed and comes out disguised as manipulation, aggression, possessiveness or a master/slave constellation in our relations. The Small Intestine cannot be pushed towards changing when it goes into passive aggression. The only way to neutralize the charge is by pulling, by seducing our inner child who got hurt.

 With the loving approach of the pulse beat we melt our aggressive repression and free the way for a feeling of inner contentment, of peace. Peace cannot be achieved politically or through religious beliefs. It must be found inside of each individual by ourselves.



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