The Seven Levels of Consciousness

The 3 Centers:

Mentality: The 7 Frequencies / Emotion: The 7 Chakras / Motivation: The 7 Subtle Bodies

There are seven frequencies which run our mentality that correlate with the traditional seven Chakras or emotional centers of our perception. These Mind frequencies should be in harmony with their corresponding Chakra, so that the Mind can act coherently with the heart. Then there are the not so well known seven Subtle Bodies that constitute our motivation. Again each Body synchronizes with their related Mind frequency and Chakra to include also the Hara Center into our activities. For example the first or physical body is in syntony with the 1st chakra and the 1st frequency, and so on. For each of the 3 centers, there is the eighth level called the “Watcher” or observer. This eighth level is like a neutral point, governing all the other seven levels. It can be our realized state of No Mind or zero, or it can be a point of identification with all the different levels of anger, hatred and fear, depending on our development.

Dheeraj called each of the eight threesomes an “Octive”. The amazing thing is that all 3 centers (each with their 7 levels plus the 8th) line up with their representing vertebra in our spine. There are twenty-four vertebrae in the spine. The top eight vertebrae produce our mentality. The second eight in the middle conduct our emotion or our relational experience. The lower eight vertebrae conduct the business of our motion, of what we call sensation. In this new approach from Tibetan Pulsing Yoga, we focus on one of the eight levels. The first group will work on the first vertebra from each of the 3 centers and their corresponding organs. This group of organs forms a specific level of Consciousness called “The first level of Consciousness”.

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