The Roots

The first level of Consciousness: Survival issues

-First subtle Body (Small Intestine): From Aggression to Tenderness
-First Chakra (Spinal Base): From Paranoia to Trust
-First Frequency (Gallbladder): From Dependency to Freedom

Madonna made a clear statement of the first vertebra in the spine: “We live in a material world and I am a material girl!” The first subtle Body represents our connection to the physical body, our material base, our Mom. This vertebra belongs to the Small Intestine and carries the rest of the Spine. Thus it has a fundamental function also downwards building the connection to our roots, to mother Earth and the time with our physical mom in the womb. Here, our body was assimilated through the umbilical cord and later we assimilate the material substances of daily food through the Small Intestine. Our biggest fear of survival besides the lack food or emotional nourishment is the fear of being alone. The negative aspect in the Small Intestine is when we don’t find contentment, but get aggressive towards others and ourselves instead.

The vertebra which corresponds with the first Chakra is the ninth from the bottom and connects to the Base of the Spine, where we eliminate the waste our body does not need. Here lives the fear of being eliminated from a relationship or from our job. In the negative state we perceive ourselves as a failure in everything we do. The first Chakra is where our sexuality is rooted and connects us with the fundamental needs of the physical body. The negativity in the first chakra is that we get paranoid, we can´t relax our ass any more nor trust other people.

The vertebra number eight from the top belongs to the first Frequency, the Gallbladder. Here we become dependent of substances or we become dependent of people in our lives. Jealousy could kill us, if not the drugs. We are desperate to just survive. The negative aspect in the Gallbladder is best expressed by Mick Jagger: “I can´t get no… satisfaction…!”

By working on this first level of consciousness with the healing power of the pulse beat and tuning each vertebra with the sound of our voices, we can balance the three aspects in our nervous system and experience a transformation of those survival issues. For the first subtle Body of the Small Intestine comes a sense of contentment. This brings us peace within ourselves and with the world around us, and to our relationships affection and tenderness. For the first Chakra, we find relaxation into the Here and Now, trusting our intimate partners as a result of letting go of the tensions … and a satisfying sex-life. For the first frequency, the Gallbladder transformation means to be finally free, mainly from our own thoughts and restrictions. Let freedom reign!



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