The Green Wave  (Values)

The four pillars of our consciousness which constitute our values are security, independence, order and respect. The corresponding organs in our body are the Liver, the Gallbladder, the Pancreas and the Duodenum.

 During childhood and adolescence we got strongly imprinted with a value system by society, by the church and first of all by our family. In our nervous system we find the shocks we have experienced and absorbed as the deepest memories preserved. Those are registered in the network of our organs as negative electrical charges which manifest psychologically as fear, emotional suffering or anger. In our physical body they contribute to our daily aches and ailments and build the basis for diseases and accidents.

 The Green Wave presents a method which can depolarize the four corners of negative thinking: insecurity, dependency, chaos and financial worries. It is a helpful path to better deal with the challenges of our time. Crystallize your values and find your priorities in life!



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