The Song of Life

The fifth level of Consciousness: Authenticity

- Fifth Frequency (Legs): From Self-denial to Capacity
- Fifth Chakra (Kidneys): From Feeling lost to Being present
- Fifth subtle Body (Spleen): From Self-Sabotage to No Mind

The fifth step in our development is called Self-denial, run by the frequency of the Legs and the 4th vertebra in the neck. It first crystallizes in the time between 28 and 35 years old. This period follows the time of Integration in our lives, where the heart gets fulfilled and we make our contribution to society as good as we can. But when we have been married for a long time or working for our company day in day out, we inevitably feel the need to get away from it all, to escape somewhere else, to take a break. If we cant run, we begin to deny ourselves. If we dont want to hurt our partner or get a divorce, we have to deny our sexual impulses. If we do cheat on our partner, we feel impure and dishonest. Now the fifth frequency is slowing down the flow in our life. More payments, less salary. More quarrelling, less harmony in our relations. We start to run away from our responsibilities, from making decisions, from doing our exercises. We start to deny ourselves pleasure and fun. Every step forward is followed by two steps backwards. We rather like to be in Goa or New Zealand, life sucks.

The throat Chakra is the place for self-expression and creativity. We activate it by making sounds. Clarity of expression is the tool to communicate our inner world to the outside. Clarity comes from our Kidneys. When the throat chakra is clear, it gives us a sense of purity and innocence. If not, a feeling of being lost and confused takes over and we start projecting our problems and dissatisfaction on the people around.

We deny ourselves and can´t speak up for ourselves, while looking for recognition from outer authority figures. As long as we are looking for recognition from the outside, we can´t be authentic. As soon as our throat is in balance, we become the authority and our authenticity is heard in the voice.

The 5th subtle Body is ruled by the vibration of the Spleen and the 5th vertebra from the bottom (no 1 lumbar). The Spleen provides us with the energy of initiation and excitement. It gives the spark to life and on the other hand the space for deep silence. According to Osho the atmosphere in the 5th body, the breath of the 5th body is life & death. Only who goes into the 5th can see through this polarization, sees his or her eternity or deathlessness. In order to realize this inner space we need to throw all scriptures and philosophies over board. We need to be free of words, concepts, theories, ideologies, Gurus, religion, Buddha and Christ. Meditation is the right description for the 5th body. Being alone, without Mind, without mirror to reflect ourselves in.



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