The Cerebellum (Looking within without Fear)

Neutralizing negative Feelings

The Cerebellum and the Brain have different functions in our complex nervous system. New movements need first to be “learned” by the brain. Later the Cerebellum picks up the entire process and we “know” how to ski, to ride a bicycle, drive a car.

 The same is true for understanding. We assimilate information with the help of the Brain. What is learnt becomes part of our experience when the Cerebellum integrates the information by taking a picture. Thus we comprehend situations from our wisdom, with our I.Q.

 In the workshop of the Cerebellum Light, our job is to balance the gap between Brain and Cerebellum, whatsoever is not synchronized between the two. Depending on how many negative experiences or shocks we have had in our life, correspondingly there develops a problem of interaction between the two. We may feel for example like we are living in a dream world, not being able to fulfil the daily requirements and needs. Or we may be caught by the fears of the Brain, which keep us from experiencing a sense of well-being and bring nightmares into our dreamstate.

 In the external world the Brain is like a computer, the Cerebellum like TV or Cinema. Nowadays we absorb a lot of electrostatic charges from those and other electrical sources around us. This process is healing to the electro-magnetic stress by releasing the electrical overload from the nervous system.



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