The Legs (Feet on the Ground)

Letting go of the Past

Our Legs give us our sense of individuality and groundedness. That which is not dividing, but uniting our consciousness gives us moments of oneness, the in-divisibility of our individuality. Within this sense of Oneness it becomes easy to make decisions, to take responsibility and to use our personal capacity: the electrical power we receive from the Legs provides us with the strength we need, our grounding.

 If we are split inside we get stuck before we even take a step. We hesitate about which foot to start with, which direction to take, which decision to make. This experience we call self-denial. We would rather get away, step out or escape than face our daily challenges. We constantly move with our thoughts into the past and either regret or desire things which are no longer available in this moment.

 Authentic action depends a lot on the problems we have in our personality. Physically those are held in the throat: If we doubt ourselves, the legs are not able to move straight forward, we feel handicapped inside.



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