The Small Intestine (Think Pink)

There are two significant events in our life.
One is birth and one is death.

Apparently the trauma of our birth is influencing us for the rest of our life on the physical, emotional and also on the psychological level. It has left a deep imprint in the very program of our nervous system. Especially in our relations we are confronted with fears and weaknesses related to our initial separation from the mothers´ body. Many of us had to fight for our life in the process, sometimes we lost our wish to live already from the very start.

The process of this week-end will give us the opportunity to heal some of the negative experiences we kept in our nervous system from the time of our birth. The protective energy of the group will allow us to go back into the pleasurable memories of our time in the womb and find trust into a new beginning of life, a blissful one.

Contentment is a state of being which everyone of us is dreaming about.
Peace on earth is a condition that we all wish for.

Normally we look for these conditions on the outside, in our surrounding. We try to find happiness through our relations, contentment through the work, or from the money we are making. We hear about peace negotiations daily on the radio and TV, the on going call for peace by spiritual leaders.

This process is a simple introduction into our inner world, which is still peaceful and untouched. The pulse beat and gentle touch guide us back into the safety of the womb, before negative experience has penetrated our consciousness and separated us from the oneness with the universe.

This feeling of inner contentment can slowly enter our daily life and integrate the whole world into its tender affection.



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