The Spinal Base (Relaxation)

Every child is born as a Buddha. Then we lose this precious state of consciousness during the development of our ego-structure, our personality, until maybe one day we might return to our initial innocence, our wholeness.

The spinal base is the organ which we don 't talk about much, unless we think of something that needs to be eliminated. Yet it is our most precious jewel, the bio-electrical circuit in our nervous system which makes enlightenment possible by transforming the electrical charge of our negative and positive experiences into light, eliminating what is un essential or unnatural.

Tensions held at the base of the spine from falling flat on our butt, from span king, persecution and fear of failure, create what we call paranoia. It is the fear that someone is after our ass, we don't trust others. Our brain receives only limited input from the nerves in the spine.

If we let go of those tensions, we may experience the full potential of our spine. It is not only a physical liberation of flexibility for the skeletal structure, but has a tremendous influence on our intelligence. We become open to receive the full input of our experience, our wisdom, which is stored in our vertebrae. This relaxed access is called genius.



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